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This equipment is specially produced and provided for qualified personnel to diagnose and treat patients in otolaryngology head and neck surgery clinics, treatment centers or wards.

Product details

Standard configuration

● luxury glass table surface (including writing desk):1 

● Spray gun (2 straight and 1 curved):3

 Blowing gun: 1

● Suction gun: 1

● Laryngoscope preheater: 1 

● LED illuminating lamp: 1 

● Compressor (positive pressure pump):1 

● Vacuum pump (negative pressure pump):1 

● Instrument  tray: 2 

● Medical bottle: 2

● Tweezers Cup: 4

● Cotton  cup: 3

● Contaminated  equipment placed tank: 1

● Built in waste tank: 1

● Built in  endoscope barrel Cup: 1

● Built in LED cold light source: 1 

● Film viewer: 1 

● Blow-off equipment  system (with warning system):1 

● Doctor stool: 1

● Microcomputer  control system: 1


◎ ST-E280 luxury patient chair

◎ Imaging system:

   1、1CCD/3CCD  camera

   2、15” lcd monitor

   3、Computer (17 "LCD / professional endoscope software)


   5、Fiber cable  

◎ Built-out xenon lamp / Built-out LED cold light source  

◎ Endoscope:

   1、¢2.7/4mm,0°/30° Otoscope  

   2、¢2.7/4mm,0°/30° Nasal endoscope  

   3、¢8mm,70°/90° Laryngoscope  

 LED headlights

◎ Constant temperature rinsing system

Technical parameter

● Power supply voltage: AC 230V / 50Hz

● Rated power: 1800w

● Main table dimensions: 94×57×80cm

● Weight: net weight/152kg;Gross weight/193kg

● Writing table size: 102×57×80cm

● Writing table weight: Net weight/60kg;Gross weight/89kg

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